UMP2 PARTY! server uses unique voting system, allowing all players to decide which map is played.
To vote, you can use special commands: VVSS and VV##. The commands are typed in game chat - just the same way as you talk to other players - press ENTER, type in message, and press ENTER again - except server will understand these commands.

VV## - Replace ## by map number, and you will vote for which map server should select after current game is over. For example you can chat vv01 to vote for map 1, or vv315 to vote for map 315. Special command vv000 (three zeros) revokes your vote - if you changed your mind, and do not want to vote.
Take note that ALL players can vote, and if several maps are voted for, the map with the biggest number of votes will be selected. If there are two (or more) maps with the same number of votes, one of them is RANDOMLY selected. For example: if player1 votes vv5, player2 votes vv472, then both map1 and map472 have 1 vote each - and one of them will be randomly selected.

VVSS - This command can be used to vote for SKIPPING map - that is to immediately finish current game and change map for the most voted map selected by vv## (or default next map). If there are three or less players then ALL have to vote vvss to skip map. If there are more players, then almost all have to vote vvss.

VV?? - This command can be used to propose 10 different map and display current voting results. It is executed automatically between rounds and before map change.
VVMAPS - This command can be used to propose 20 different map numbers and names.

VVrace - You no longer have to reconnect to change your race during Survivor and Hunt. You can also change race during Evac and Overrun games. "vvRunner", "vvDrone", "vvPraetorian", "vvPredalien", "vvIchiro", "vvJohnson", "vvJones", "vvHarrison", "vvPredator", "vvAssault", "vvHeavy", "vvLight", "vvRykov", "vvDimitri", "vvIvan", "vvDunya" will change your race, usually after next death&respawn. Currently allowed species of course limit this selection.

VVHELP - This command displays simple instructions about "vv" commands

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